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Born again Virgins

Hi everyone, welcome to February! A special hello to all our new subscribers: thanks for following, we really appreciate it.

With Christmas and, hopefully, the worst of Covid behind us, we’re cracking on with a variety of new products, commissions and ideas for 2022. From radial engine tables and Avro Vulcan tailpipes to 747 cocktail bars and rocket pod coffee tables, there’s the usual eclectic mix of carnage taking place in the workshop. Amidst all of that, we’ve also been finishing off some Virgin Atlantic 747 pieces from our dwindling stock of Ladybird and Tinker Bell material.

Our final Tinker Belle fuselage window section is now a unique coffee table and a pair of Ladybird fuel door clocks join our mini model, skin tags, limited edition tail keepsakes and jewellery. The new pieces will go on sale exclusively to members on Sunday at 1900 UTC.


We‘re getting down to our final haul of material from these Queens of the Sky and it’s been great to see the pieces live on, on virtually every continent. Beyond our UK market, much or our material went transatlantic for the final time, but the popularity of the Virgin fleet proved to be truly global, with Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and South America all featuring in our shipping schedule.

Only two of Virgin’s. 747s met the axeman in this tranche of scrappings. Several of the former fleet are flying again, albeit in a freighter guise and rumour has it we can expect to see the ‘Cosmic Girl’, formerly G-VWOW, back in UK airspace in the spring, undertaking the first launch of a Virgin Orbit rocket from UK soil.

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