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It’s Victor Echo time!

The mighty Queen of the Skies Boeing 747 upcycling continues apace. We completed lots of G-CIVE polishing this week and about half of the port rear side of G-CIVP arrived yesterday. G-CIVI will be next, in a few week’ time. We’re hoping to see some of Virgin’s ’Ladybird’ before the end of the month too.

Our next batch of 747 window pane clocks (from G-CIVE) will go on sale exclusively in the Members’ Area of the website tomorrow (7th November) at 1200 and they’ll be ready to ship by Wednesday next week.

It‘s been fascinating to hear the stories behind our pieces. We’ve heard of first and last flights, commands etc. and so many personal recollections from emergencies to the birth of children and meetings that led to marriages.

These aircraft are so much more than inanimate chunks of metal. They tell a story and have a soul! We’re pleased to helping them live on.

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Darren Lewington
Darren Lewington
Nov 06, 2020

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