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  • Manufacturer Serial Number 27105, G-ZZZA was the sixth 777-200 built and the first powered by GE90 engines. It made its first flight on 2 February 1995 using the test registration N77779 and, along with the second GE-powered aircraft (G-ZZZB), participated in the airframe and engine flight-test programme for this version of the 777 before being delivered to her British Airways London Heathrow base on 20th May 1996.

    ZA operated her final revenue flight from Abu Dhabi landing at Heathrow on 20th March 2020, where she was withdrawn from service. She positioned to St. Athan for scrapping in 20th August as BA9171, making her final touchdown at 1152.

    These airframes were the first BA 777 airframe to be scrapped. We acquired our sections from the starboard rear fuselage and they been upcycled to become clocks. They measure approximately 36” x 18” and weigh around 6.5kg. In the original paint finish, or stripped and hand polished, they are fitted with a silent sweep quartz mechanism. The original window pane has been laser-etched with the aircraft details and finished in Landor blue.

    Ex-British Airways Boeing 777 fuselage section clock

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