The former Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747, G-VBIG, better known as ‘Tinker Belle’ was scrapped in May 2020.  Before she met her fate, we secured several sections of fuselage from the starboard lower deck for upcycling.  

We’re keen to ensure that nothing goes to waste and are pleased to be able to offer these unique, laser-etched tags as a memento of this much-loved machine from the fuselage skin offcuts.  

Measuring approximately 40 x 70mm, the tags have the aircraft name and registration laser etched onto the primer side or her beautiful pearlescent white paint, which still bears evidence of her 100 000+ hour operational life.  Each one is unique with the odd dent, dink or scratch.

Each is fitted with a sturdy lobster claw fitting.

Virgin Boeing 747 ‘Tinker Belle’ tags


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