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  • This Hartzell, triple bladed propeller was fitted to a Piper Cherokee Arrow II involved in a landing accident in 2008.

    The pilot was flying to a private airfield in Bedfordshire for a job interview. He made an approach to the northeasterly runway, but noticed some vehicles nearby. He flew a ‘go-around’ and repositioned for a different runway. As he manoeuvred, however, he neglected to lower the undercarriage, resulting in the damage you see to the propeller and shock loading to the engine. Thankfully, he was unhurt, apart from some dented pride. He got the job - and a bill for repairs!

    We acquired the damaged blades and set about creating something special. The blades have been stripped and hand polished. The hub was stripped, repaired and powder-coated. We used an Explorer helicopter skid section, which matched the curvature of one of the blades almost exactly and a runway light base to mount this beautiful item on a piece of reclaimed solid oak.

    Every piece of this unique sculpture is repurposed.

    The propeller has a 70” diameter and the pice weighs around 40kg overall. Our price includes UK mainland delivery. Please contact us for an overseas shipping quote.

    Hartzell triple propeller sculpture

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