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Our story

Aerotiques is a labour of love.  Founded by Daren Hales and Darren Lewington in 2016, Aerotiques' aim is to bring the art of aviation into your life.

The idea came about almost by accident.  Darren Lewington had spent over 25 years working in the general aviation industry and spent most of his free time around aircraft and airports.  He'd always had the notion of, some day, having a piece of an aeroplane on display somewhere in his home and office.   He'd frequently driven past the dilapidated Beech Duke, unceremoniously dumped on the airport's fire training ground and made a mental note to take that propeller spinner off and polish it up.  Shortly before Christmas in 2015, while carrying out a routine airfield inspection, he was surprised to see the spinner missing.  Taking a detour via the airport's maintenance department, enquiries were made and the, somewhat sheepish answer, "Err, Daren wants to talk to you about that..." was elicited...  
A few days later, Daren H appears in Darren L's office clasping a beautifully polished spinner and proudly stating, "I've got some ideas..."  Aerotiques was born.  


The duo quickly combined their passion for aviation and flair for design and set about sourcing a supply of materials and components to transform into aviation art and practical furniture.  The concept isn't entirely new, with 'upcycling' being the buzzword in design at the time, but Aerotiques seeks to produce unique, bespoke pieces combining the sleek, flowing aerodynamic lines of aircraft components with the highest quality materials to produce a wide range of exceptional quality objects suitable for all budgets and locations.

From large, boardroom centrepieces, through functional furniture to simple, aviation-themed gifts, the pair want the end user to enjoy the products as much as they enjoy creating them.  Daren H says; "Sourcing, repairing and preparing our pieces is very time consuming.  We want that work that goes into them to inspire our clients."  
Darren L added; "Almost anything aeronautical will have clean, sleek, aerodynamic lines and our aim is to take those iconic shapes and bring them into our clients' homes and businesses.  Saving old aeroplanes, otherwise destined for scrap, means the beauty of flight will live on."
Recycling old aeroplanes is probably one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do. The irony of the fact our pieces come from aircraft - not generally known for their green credentials - is not lost on us.  Wherever possible, we try to use recycled packing materials to ship our pieces too and we encourage you to do the same!

Aerotiques Ltd. is registered in England, Company number 11038046.

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