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Into the 21st Century…

There comes a point when you realise you're old.

In aviation terms for us, its things like 'new' aircraft like Boeing 777s scrapped and realising that it's nearly two whole decades since Concorde flew. In day-to-day terms, it's not being able to work the TV remote anymore and realising that your newest recruits were born in the 21st Century.

'Generation Z' sometimes get a hard time, but our two - Oscar and Becky - are absolute stars! They're green enough to be taught old fashioned mechanical 'stuff' and have both developed a great portfolio of manual skills. Osc, in particular, has become an outstanding polisher, but they both also bring a refreshing new outlook to the creative and 'digital' sides of the business.

We're pretty proficient when it comes to Twitter and occasionally dabble in Instagram and Facebook - TikTok is coming too, apparently. Please do follow us, on whatever media you use; the interaction is vital to help us grow. Our website's been long overdue a makeover though, and that's where Becky's stepped up to the plate these last few months. As an undergraduate, who's worked for us outside of term time for the last few years, she's dragged the website (and us!) kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

The new site is live now, please have a browse and check it. Give us some feedback too. In fact, we need lots of feedback. We need testimonials on the site - there's a new button for that - we need Google reviews too, the more the merrier. If you're pleased with your purchase, please do let us know...

To celebrate our new site, we're offering all our subscribers a 10%, site wide discount for the remainder of the month.

Simply use the code 'newsite' at checkout when you're browsing Becky's handiwork!

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17 de abr. de 2023

Wishing you all every success for the future

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