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Time, tags and progress....of sorts.

Evening everyone

Our next batch of window pane clocks will go on sale on Sunday at 1200. It’s just a handful this time around from G-CIVC & VK. We’re offering them in clear, black and Landor blue this time. We’ll also have another batch of ‘tired’ front panes from G-CIVI. These really are crazed, scratched and showing the full extent of their operational life. You’ll find these exclusively on the Members’ Area page.

Ahead of the clocks, a small number of key fob-sized tags will be available from 1200 tomorrow from Virgin’s ‘Tinker Belle’ and ‘Ladybird’, G-VBIG and G-VAST. They’ll be on the normal ’shop’ page. We’re really trying to ensure that nothing goes to waste and we’ll also be using the BA fuselage skin offcuts (and our funky new laser engraver!) to produce them in the coming months. There‘s been some progress with the remaining stored BA airframes this week. It’s hardly positive news, but G-CIVL is now in the process of being scrapped. Significantly, we have secured fuselage sections - this wasn’t guaranteed - and it probably means the rest of the fleet will also follow, with VO probably next.

Generally, Covid restrictions, the cold weather - it’s too cold to strip (paint) in the workshop at present - and the worldwide cardboard box shortage (yes, there is one, apparently?!) have hampered production and shipping a little and we’re currently running around 2 weeks behind schedule. We’re doing our best to catch up.

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Darren Lewington
Darren Lewington
17 de fev. de 2021

Just a brief note to say your clocks are boxed and will ship tomorrow!

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