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  • These Airbus A321 fuselage sections were cut from the former Italian flag carrier, Alitalia airframe, scrapped in the UK. We’ve stripped and polished them to a near mirror finish. The original window pane has been finished in black or white and fitted with a clock mechanism. Dinks, dents and scratches are evident, associated with the aircraft’s age and thousands of hours flown.

    These pieces featured in the BBC TV programme, ‘David and Jay’s Touring Toolshed’ when we filmed with them recently. The wide, white piece was part polished by Jay Blades (before we completed the job!)

    Measuring approximately 31 x 18” and 34 x 17”, the weigh around 8kg and can be hung from a single hanging point, which is fitted to the rear.

    Ex-Alitalia A321 fuselage section clock

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