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  • This unique table comprises a Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine exhaust cone from a Boeing 727. 
    The cone has been lightly polished on the exterior, but the heat damage acquired over the years as thousands of pounds of thrust have blasted past are still visible. The inside has been degreased but left untouched.
    The cone is mounted on three link assemblies, as used on Boeing 747 and DC10 aircraft.  Lacquered in black, with the part number exposed.  Cast aluminium, these legs are sturdy, but offer a subtle degree of mobility.  These 1960’s and 70’s airliners are now all but retired, but their classic lines will live on.  800mm diameter removable toughened glass top attached with flap actuator rod ends.

    Boeing 727 JT8D exhaust cone coffee table

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