These acrylic window panes were removed from former British Airways Boeing 747-436, immediately prior to their scrapping.

Cleaned and lightly polished, they are laser-etched with the airframe details and fitted with a quartz clock.  Each pane still bears the hallmarks of its operational life, with some scratches and crazing, along with occasional remnants of the Clearvue coating applied to them to extend their life.  

Measuring approximately 16 x 11” (400 x 280mm), the windows can be hung from the clock mechanism, or surface mounted on a plate stand.  

Clocks are produced in batches from these iconic aeroplanes.  G-CIVE, G-CIVM & G-CIVP form the current batch, G-CIVI, and G-CIVY expected in the months ahead as the ‘Queen of the Skies’ retires.

Ex-British Airways Boeing 747 window pane clock


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