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Window pane clocks from a former KLM 747 Boeing 747, which was scrapped in 2021.

Measuring approximately 16 x 11” (400 x 280mm), the windows can be hung from the clock mechanism, or surface mounted on a plate stand.

Manufacturer Serial Number 24517, PH-BFG first flew on 23rd March 1990 and was delivered to her KLM Amsterdam base on 11th April. She was named “City of Guayaquil”.

Almost thirty years later, her final revenue flight, as KL692, landed at Amsterdam from Toronto on 7th December 2019. The following day she took to the skies for the final time, using an appropriate flight number KL747, to Cotswold Airport, Kemble, UK for part out and scrapping.

Acquired and re-registered to Air Atlanta as TF-AMG in January 2020, her titles were removed and spares recovered. She was finally scrapped in March 2021.

Prior to her final demolition, sections from the port and starboard rear fuselage were removed. These were acquired by Aerotiques Ltd. to produce a limited edition range of wall art, clocks and other unique items that will ensure this iconic aeroplane will live on beyond her retirement

Former KLM Boeing 747 window pane clock

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