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  • With British Airways having retired their Queen of the Skies Boeing 747 fleet during the Covid pandemic, we are taking orders for our fuselage section clocks, mirrors and wall art now. This is your opportunity to obtain a little piece of aviation history.


    Offered in a highly polished finish; in rectangular, oval or close-cropped sizes, the original outer window pane is laser-etched, with some scope for personalisation, and finished in ‘Landor’ blue, matt black or the original clear finish with white or black acrylic finishing applied to the etching.


    Clocks have been by far an away the most popular option and a silent sweep, battery powered quartz clock is fitted. Some clients have chosen favourite photographs, acrylic mirrors or simply left the window original - or even out altogether!


    Each single window piece is fitted with a brass hanging point that will comfortably support its weight, which varies from around 5 to 8kg depending on from where in the fuselage it is harvested.


    The rectangular version measure approximately 33 x 17”, although those with double rivet section from the upper deck and various points ‘downstairs’ can be up to 34 x 19”. The close-cropped variant measures approximately 24 x 16”, with the oval version having overall dimensions around 31 x 17”.


    Double, triple or quadruple window sections are also available.


    Each section of fuselage is unique in size and shape, bearing the hallmarks of tens of millions of miles flown and thousands of hours in the air.


    Expect some dents, corrosion & scratches to the aluminium associated with their service and the tear down operations, along with occasional scratches and crazing to the window panes, which sometimes also have a ‘Clearvue’ coating. This was intended to extend their operational life but does occasionally shown signs of breakdown and wear. Nevertheless, this is a unique opportunity to obtain a highly original part of this iconic aeroplane.


    Please message us with your specific requests for particular airframes and etching and we’ll be happy to quote you in detail for your chosen size and style. Overseas buyers are advised to message us beforehand to confirm shipping costs.


    BA’s G-CIVD, G-CIVY, G-CIVN, G-CIVU, G-BYGA, G-BYGD, G-BYGE, G-BYGF & G-BYGG are in the workshop now, but stocks are very limited.

    Polished Single Ex-British Airways Boeing 747 fuselage section

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