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  • The French built SNEB Matra Type 155, 68mm rocket pod was the mainstay of many NATO and other countries’ ground attack arsenal throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The image of a Harrier unleashing a salvo was the poster of choice for many a teenager.

    Widely produced, this was a reusable device manufactured completely from metal with a fluted nose cone through which the RPs were fired. Loaded with 18 SNEB 68mm rockets, it could be pre-programmed on the ground to fire in shots or in one single ripple salvo.

    This example has been restored, repainted to preserve model and serial numbers, finished with a matt lacquer and fitted with eight dummy, high explosive projectiles, that protrude through the 700mm diameter, 8mm toughened glass top by varying amounts, holding the glass in place.

    Approximately 850mm at the highest point, the glass is 400mm above floor level. The overall weight is around 20kg. Only two of these pieces have been produced and they are available singularly, or as a pair.

    SNEB Pod coffee table

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