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A completely unique piece of aeronautical and meteorological history.  This airfield cloudbase searchlight was used in conjunction with a hand held alidade to determine cloud height above aerodromes from the wartime years until the 1970s.  A high wattage bulb was focussed by a parabolic mirror in the base and projected through a lens.  The observer would attempt to spot the beam of light on the base of the cloud and determine its height using simple trigonometry.

This particular light, we believe, dates from the 1950s.  It’s heavily corroded body was replaced with Cor-Ten steel and its brass frame, supports and internal fittings partly restored.  The mirror and lens still bear the signs of a lengthy outdoor life and the lamp has been converted for indoor use only.

Weighing in excess of 40Kg, the light has a diameter and height of approximately 20 inches.  Price includes UK mainland delivery.  Please contact us for an overseas shipping quote.

Vintage airfield cloudbase searchlight

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