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747 retirements

Hi everyone,

Just a brief update on the ongoing 747 retirements. The next ‘victim’ to reach our workshop will be BA’s G-CIVE in around two weeks’ time. Quite a few fuselage sections from her are pre-sold but there will be another batch of window pane clocks ready some time in mid-November, which will be offered to our subscribers before they go on general sale. We think G-CIVP will be next to meet the scrapman’s axe, probably just before the end of the year, with VH & VD being early in 2021. We are hearing rumours, however, that at least one airframe will be preserved.

We trying to make sure every piece of 747 we have is reused. We do still have some other projects in progress and some ideas in the pipeline, from other components and offcuts, including the last few pieces of Virgin Atlantic’s G-VBIG ‘Tinker Belle’. On that subject, our Tinker Belle key fob tags are very nearly ready. They’ll also be offered to you guys first, probably later this coming week. Watch this space!

Thanks for your continued support, it’s appreciated

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