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747 window clocks are (pardon the pun) flying off the shelves!

Thanks so much to all those of you who logged in at lunchtime. The website ‘crashed’ briefly but our next batch of clocks quite literally flew off the shelves! Perhaps it’s not surprising, given that G-CIVP set the non-supersonic transatlantic crossing record back in February, ably assisted by Storm Ciara.

Our next batch (from G-CIVI) will hopefully be ready in around a week, or so. She’ll be followed by the last BA Jumbo to leave Heathrow, G-CIVY. For the ‘Virgins’ amongst you, G-VAST, better known as Ladybird, is in the mix too...

It‘s been amazing to hear the recollections of all of you who have been in touch. We always knew these are so much more than just aeroplanes, but the regard and affection with which the 747 is held is simply staggering.

Things are fairly intense at Aerotiques at the moment. We’re inundated with 747 parts alongside our other projects, but that’s a nice problem to have in the middle of a pandemic that is hitting the aviation industry harder than many others.

We’re keen to ensure that nothing goes to waste from these Queens of the Sky and have teamed up with Icarus Originals to produce a range of cufflinks and mini-models from 747 fuselage. If that goes well, there’ll be some bracelets too. Covid is proving challenging, but we’re hoping to have some of those new products ready before Xmas too. Watch this space!

Thanks everyone, we really appreciate your support.

Darren & Daren

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2 commentaires

28 nov. 2020

Will you by any chance be having any more G-CIVE window clocks?


28 nov. 2020

Looking forward to VAST ❤️

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