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Airbus WTF!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Our Airbus wing tip fences have proven to be popular!

Initially something a retrofitted afterthought, the Airbus A310 was the first of the European manufacturer's fleet to feature this aerodynamic improvement. It them became a standard part of modern design and has now morphed into its current 'sharklet' or blended wing tip format.

It's scientific purpose is to delay the formation of vortices at the wingtip, caused by the interaction of spanwise and chordwise flow of air at differing pressures above and below the wing, thereby reducing drag - put simply, less drag means less fuel burn, which means less cost! They also look great.

They're not always scrapped when airliners come to the end of their lives. Prone to being bashed by catering trucks etc. they're often kept as spares.

We have snaffled several pairs previously and done rather smart things with them. The pictures (and dimensions) are below but they can be wall-mounted or free standing. We've used solid oak and reclaimed mahogany bases before and painted them, or stripped and polished them to a mirror finish, which can also be lacquered for outdoor display. They're aluminium and weigh around 7kg. Laser-etched fuselage skin can be added to the bases to detail the aircraft's history.

Our latest pair are from an A319, which was delivered in 1999 and served with Northwest Airlines in the US, S7 Siberia Airlines and Cyprus Airways and are currently in their light green scheme colour scheme.

Pricing will be as follows: -

Original scheme, wall-mounted £412.50 + UK VAT @ 20% = £495

Polished/brushed, wall-mounted £975 + UK VAT @ 20% = £1170

Wooden base, original scheme £625 + UK VAT = £750

Wooden base, polished/brushed. £1208 + UK VAT = £1450

We do not charge VAT on non-UK sales, but you may still be liable for tax and duty in your country.

Shipping will be country specific, but these are guide prices...

UK - £34.90

Europe - £79.90

US/Canada - £255.60

If they're of interest, please drop us a line...

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