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Black Friday Cyber Monday and whatever corporate nonsense gets dreamt up next…. 🙂

You can't open up an email, social media post or pass a telly the week without seeing a super duper, never to be repeated amazing offer! Someone, somewhere, some years ago, dreamt up a concept and it seems to have stuck! Billions will be spent this week, which is kind of encouraging insofar as every other email, social media post or newscast is trying to convince you the economy is doomed, but who are the real winners?

Big business and corporates hold masses of stock, they can nail their suppliers down on price and comfortably eat into an already healthy margin. The numbers are simply staggering.

Take the jeweller, Pandora - only because theirs was the last TV ad we saw before writing this post, so we Googled their corporate results. The Danish jewellery business is now a worldwide, household name. Fair play to them, they use large quantities or recycled gold and silver and a high proportion of renewebale energy in their production. We like that. They turned over 23.4 BILLION Danish Krona last year (that's about £2.3bn). Their gross margin was 76% and they made DKK4.1bn profit. That's a lot of little trinkets and charms and, quite frankly, a vast sum of money. Good for them, their staff and shareholders.

Small businesses like ours don't quite have the luxury of a 76% gross margin and none of our costs have gone down this year, that's for sure! We produce non-essential, luxury items too. No-one actually needs a chunk of aeroplane, much like no-one actually needs a bracelet but we're all humans too - we want nice things, particularly when they mean something to us. Our challenge is to encourage you to choose us, rather than (*insert High Street name here) when you're making your purchasing decisions. Keep reading, our special offer is coming, we promise!

We've said it many times before, but our customers are the best part of the business. It's so enjoyable to reunite people with little pieces of their flying history. Firsts, lasts and once-in-a-lifetime special moments continue to come to the fore. Proposals, marriages and honeymoons aboard particular aircraft still feature heavily on our order book alongside the crew, passengers and enthusiasts who 'just want something from'... or 'just want something cool'... or, increasingly, 'just want something upcycled'...

Your feedback and continued support is greatly appreciated. We really are genuinely grateful for every order you have placed. So for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our offer is one of thanks. Use the coupon code THANKS for 10% off of EVERYTHING on the website this weekend. That includes 'available to order' items and personalised pieces. If you can't order your personalised preference through the website for the specific piece you require, message or email us before 2359 on Monday 28th and we'll honour the discount.

Who wins? We all do. We'll make a sale and you'll get a piece of aviation history at a discount price. Whether it's a Christmas trinket or a statement piece, you've got until midnight on Monday to grab a bargain.

That's not all. Watch out for our Advent Calendar, that will launch on 1st December. Every day, you'll find a new special offer on specific pieces, collections or ranges.

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