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Clock watching!

Good evening everyone. Our next batch of former British Airways 747 window pane clocks will go on sale on Saturday at 1200 in the Members’ Area of the website. We‘ll have a few from G-CIVE, G-CIVM and a dozen from G-CIVP. These will be followed in a week, or so, by more from G-CIVI and G-CIVY.

The scrapping of the BA fleet at St. Athan continues apace. G-CIVK, VC & VU will all meet the axeman before the end of the year with G-BYGG following early in the New Year. The fate of the airframes stored at Kemble remains uncertain. Rumours still persist of freighter conversions although it is inevitable that some of the eight there will be scrapped on site.

You may have seen the news that G-CIVD experienced a fire at Castellon, Spain earlier this week. She and VH are scheduled for scrapping there, but the incident and subsequent investigation are now going to delay that process.

The windows and fuselage section clocks and wall art are keeping us exceptionally busy but we do have some other ideas in the pipeline. We’re experimenting with some casting of the fuselage offcuts and there’ll be some unique pieces coming up in future; we really keen to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

The more we hear from our clients, the more we realise how important it is that these aircraft are preserved, at least in part. It’s been fascinating to hear people’s recollections, their memories and, sometimes, emotional stories about their time on the Queen of the Skies.

Thanks so much to all of you who’ve been in touch, we are still working our way through the messages, so if you haven’t heard back from us, you should soon. Please also keep a check on your ‘Junk’ folder, the Internet gremlins still seem to be routing our emails there at times.

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