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It’s clock time!

It’s been a busy month! Christmas, Brexit and Covid have all presented their challenges with delivery delays, flooding, childbirth and self-isolation all amongst the fun and games for us and some of our suppliers! Nevertheless, we’re soldiering on and the next batch of 747 window pane clocks will be going live on Sunday 31st at 1200. These are predominantly from G-CIVY, the last BA 747 to leave Heathrow and one Virgin’s Tinker Belle, G-VBIG.

We’re also including some of our leftover front panes from G-CIVM, CIVG, one from transatlantic record breaker, G-CIVP These are all a little ‘tired’, with quite a few scratches or crazing from their operational life, so we’ve refreshed the laser-etching and painted the rears in Landor blue.

We‘ve also been experimenting with some of the window blanking panels we have and at least one of those will be available too.

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