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More 747 mementos....

The 747 is still filling our order book. Fuselage sections are keeping us very busy, with the next batch of window pane clocks ready before Christmas too.

A clearer pattern emerging of the sequence in which the BA airframes are being scrapped. CIVI, CIVY, CIVK & CIVC are already being parted out with CIVU, BYGG and BYGD to follow. G-CIVH will be scrapped in Spain, along with the fire damaged CIVD, although its unclear whether VD’s components will head our way. We also took delivery of a handful of sections from Virgin’s G-VAST - ‘Ladybird’ - last week and the fuselage sections will be available soon to pre-order. Those window pane clocks will be available too. Again, we’ll offer those exclusively to you guys before they go on general sale.

In the interim, I’m delighted to announce some new products. We’ve teamed up with the guys Icarus Originals to bring you an exclusive range of mementos from the Queen of the Skies.

We‘re keen to ensure that nothing goes to waste from the 747 material we’ve acquired during their scrapping and collaborated to produce this unique, limited edition range of mini models and cufflinks. Priced at £49.99 and £129.99 respectively, this initial batch comes from G-CIVM.

Individually cast from the fuselage skin these have been handmade and polished in the UK. You can buy them exclusively via this link.

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Graeme Taylor
Dec 06, 2020

Mini models look fantastic. Will there be G-CIVI versions? Would look great next to the clock.


Dec 05, 2020

Still beyond excited about my order! 😎

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