Some more clocks later today....

Just a brief note to say that the next batch of BA window clocks will be on the Members’ Area page from 1700 today, before going on general sale on Sunday.

There’s a few more from G-CIVZ and G-CIVF joins us for the first time. They‘ll be shipped on Wednesday or Thursday next week, when the next batch of cardboard boxes arrive!

We‘re still very busy and running a little behind schedule with polishing and preparation but gradually catching up. We are taking orders for fuselage sections from G-CIVK, CIVF, CIVZ and G-CIVU. G-CIVD & VV have also just arrived from their scrapping in Castellon

Many of you have been asking about Ladybird and Tinker Belle. We have now acquired the last few Virgin sections and we’ll update you soon on our plans for those.

Many thanks for your continued support.

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