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The BA milestones continue. Gazza! First and last.

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Former BA Boeing 777s G-ZZZA & G-ZZZB have met their fate. Our fuselage sections from their -200 series Triples will be with us by the end of the week joining the mortal remains of ZC, which was scrapped last year.

BA’s first 777s had amassed over 100 000 hours in their 25-year lives, regularly plying their trade to New York, Boston and Dubai. The 5th & 6th examples to be built, ZA and ZB actually joined the fleet in 1996 after number 7, G-ZZZC, which underwent the UK certification process, but ‘Gazza’ was considered by the crews to be the first, apparently with quite a repertoire of quirks and issues!

We’ll be producing polished and original scheme fuselage section clocks and wall art from these aeroplanes and offering our subscribers ‘first dibs’. Numbers are limited, though. We can produce single, double and triple window section but you’ll probably need to be quick. If you’d like to learn more, or reserve your section, just drop us a line.

The next milestone is very much a last! Boeing 747 G-CIVY was the last 747 to leave Heathrow and, although we’ve long since processed our fuselage sections, our next batch of cufflinks and mini-models, produced in partnership with the team at Icarus will be ready tomorrow.

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