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Time for some triples...

With the Easter break upon us, it’s a good time to reflect on a crazy year.

None of us could have predicted where we’d be with the pandemic and, nor devastating effect it would have on the aviation industry. The early retirement of the 747 has been a game changer for our business but brings about the end of an era in air travel. We continue to hear amazing stories from our clients about their 747 memories and recollections: it’s genuinely heart warming to know that our pieces are really appreciated in their final homes.

We’re still insistent that nothing will go to waste. Our partnership with the guys at Icarus Originals will ensure that more mini-models, cufflinks and jewellery will be coming in due course (Virgin’s Tinker Belle will be up next) and our first batch of BA key fob tags, from G-CIVZ, will be on sale on Monday as we continue to experiment with our new laser. The rest of the fleet will follow when we harvest the remaining skin from the ribs.

It’s not just the 747 that has retired. British Airways stood down their first Boeing 777s too and G-ZZZC, number 6 off the production line and the first to receive UK certification, also met the scrapman a few months ago. Monday will also see the release of a small batch of 777 window pane clocks, along with the next 747 batch from G-CIVZ.

As we emerge from the Covid situation - we’ve both had our first jabs - production is becoming a little easier, we’re catching up on the jobs and still wading our way through the messages and emails. If you haven’t heard back from us, check your Junk folder first - we still seem to have a few email gremlins - then give us a nudge!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone, the pieces mentioned above will go on sale at 1100 on Monday.

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