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Virtual insanity!

Looking back, this blog post is our first one that doesn’t involve 747s!

That’s not to say we aren’t still (virtual) insanely busy with Jumbo pieces as we near the end of the scrapping programme, but we have found some time to do something different, with an item that’s been on the “oh, we must do that…” list for several years….

90’s funk/acid jazz band Jamiroquai certainly hit the heights in their musical career. Front man, Jay Kay, is a well-known petrolhead with a huge collection of classic and supercars, but did you know he’s a helicopter pilot too?

He owned the appropriately registered Robinson R44 Raven II, G-JKAY, from its 2006 delivery until 2016, when he upgraded to the turbine-powered R66 variant. Like his unique LaFerrari F150, Jay Kay’s helicopter sported a lime green paint scheme. It featured (alongside a Harley Davidson and Porsche 911) in the videos for ‘White Knuckle Ride’ and ‘Blue Skies’ from the 2010 Rock Dust Light Star album with the singer flying some of the video sequences himself. Check out the background footage in this ‘making of’ video…

During routine maintenance in 2016, a fatigue crack was found on the aircraft’s horizontal stabiliser, which rendered it unserviceable and requiring replacement. Aerotiques acquired the piece and set about making a unique piece of furniture.

The legs are constructed entirely from helicopter components using several stays and braces and an aerofoil section piece of solid oak supports a toughened glass top. The fatigue crack is still visible, along wing some wear and tear typical of its age and utilisation. The top measures approximately 47” long tapering from 25” to 16” and it stands just over 20” high. Vinyl graphics showing the registration and song titles complete this unique piece.

With the help of a mate and a beautiful day, we managed to take some cracking promo pics!

It’s available exclusively to our followers now on the Members’ Area page. Enjoy!

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